Trusting Your Vet

Sam and I went to a friend’s place last Friday. They have always had Nellie, a German Shepard bitch, ever since we have known them and over the last few months their son has come back home with his dog, a pit bull cross with all his tackle in place.  He was very young when he first arrived but now 18 months later he is a bolshy teenager who thinks Nellie is his and his alone.

We got out the car as usual and Nellie, who has always loved Sam coming to visit, rushed up to the car to say hello, followed by Boss. Out Sam gets and out of nowhere we have World War 2 on our hands. Nellie went to make a fuss of Sam and Boss wasn’t having any of it, he attacked Sam and it was all on.

It really is frightening watching dogs fight each other, I cannot understand how people can enjoy watching organised dog fights, they are horrible.

Well Sam is a lover not a fighter but to give him his due he gave as good as he got. I managed to separate them and put Sam in the car after getting a good bite on my hand. For the record it was Sam who bit me. I am sure he didn’t mean to.

It’s so hard to see if there are any injuries with dogs unless they are obvious. Sam seemed alright but a bit tender in places as I checked him over.  When we woke up Saturday morning his eye was a bit swollen, blood shot and looked a bit gooey.  I rang my Vet, Lyn at Raw Essentials in Ponsonby and we got an appointment for that afternoon.

My Vet.  I love Lyn; she is the best vet as far as I am concerned as she addresses everything from an holistic and homeopathic point of view.  Sam never has to have anything that isn’t necessary and I trust Lyn totally. Sam is making good progress and I even had an email from the clinic today asking how he is doing and do I need to talk to Lyn regarding his recovery. I have had animals for over 45 years and never had a vet do follow up checks like this.

Being comfortable with your vet and trusting the decisions they make for our pets is most important. A bit like having a Doctor you like, you need to trust your vet.  I urge you to hunt around and interview vets until you find one that suits your needs and who both you and your dog are comfortable with. Lyn has urged me to get a vet down here in Thames as she may not be able to help me if there was the kind of trauma that needed attention right away.

I will do as she has suggested but she will always be my Vet of choice.

Good vet hunting and don’t forget to visit or forward the below link to help us with our fundraising.

Thank you all

If you are looking for a Vet that uses homeopathy and treats holistically, I can totally recommend Lyn. Here are her details if any of you are interested.

Raw Essentials
401b Richmond Road
Grey Lynn
09 974 5665

If you prefer a traditional vet, Manda highly recommends PetDoctors at Animates in Glenfield.  They are great with her beagle boys, even in a major emergency – late on a Sunday afternoon driving down from Whangarei with a paralysed beagle and they waited for us to get there; plus they always phone up after a visit to check on progress.

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